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Food and Beverage Plant Design


Your Solution Partner in the Food Industry


Plant Automation

Automation involves overseeing your processes, equipment, assembly lines, and all operations. The greater your control, the higher the value you gain from production. We've integrated a tailored automation system, designed to meet your specific needs, with our experienced teams. This integration encompasses equipment, processes, and production solutions. This enables you to exert precise control over your facility operations, offering the following benefits: Unwavering Food Safety, Consistent Product Quality, Enhanced Production Capacity, Improved Production Control, and Traceability.

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Complete Plant Design

We combine a customer-centric approach with rich experience to find proven solutions for project area planning, food safety requirements, and architectural and engineering design. This experience reflects our understanding of the latest ISO standards for advanced sanitation, as well as the requirements outlined by SQF, FSSC, BRC, and other food safety standards.


Special Solutions for Mozerella Cheese Production


Enhance your production efficiency with the revolutionary teleme separation and maturation line, a groundbreaking solution for separating curd from whey. Equipped with PLC/HMI-based automation, this system allows the optimization of parameters such as curd cutting length and conveyor speed for different products using predefined recipes. Continuous feeding of the boiling unit minimizes the need for manual labor.

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